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LadyStar Monster Minute #2: Attack of the Arctic Explorer

LadyStar Monster Minute #2: Attack of the Arctic Explorer

“She looks like someone accidentally pointed a shrink ray at an Arctic explorer.”

Cici ran over and hit Ranko on the arm and then stalked back to her satchel. She was dressed in the Stickball adventure team equivalent of tobogganing gear complete with a fuzzy white hat, original Talitha-manufactured mittens, a cershay-lined versk jacket and splint-armored leggings. Jessica had even managed to find her a pair of reinforced boots similar to her own. This pair actually fit too.

“Are you sure we have to send her in there by herself? I don’t like this one bit,” Shannon said, scanning the entrance to the shadowy cavern once again.

“I think we’re all too big,” Jessica replied. “The last time we tried to explore a cave like this we almost fell into a trap! Remember when the whole hallway just turned into crumblies?”

“Maybe we could rig up some way to climb over it,” Alanna offered. “We can’t break the trap door if we’re not even standing on it.”

“Or we can send in Little Bit with the wild kingdom. It would be better if we could send Supercat along too, but he’s heavier than two of us.”

Kishi’s ears perked. Then he went back to licking his enormous paws.

Cici put her satchel over one shoulder and picked up the Chronicler’s Lantern. The light brightened. Teko was already sort-of perched on one of her shoulders. He was a half-size too big, so he had to ride along in a sidecar-fashion. Leafy floated overhead. His wings were giving off a celebratory pink glow, which made him look like a piece of magical candy bobbing in space.

Then a golden light came to life around Cici’s arms and sides. It lit up the ground all around her.

“What’s that?” Talitha asked.

“For protection,” Jessica replied with a comforting smile. “It’s my best blessing.”

“Okay remember to hit that Spectrum whatever it is you do at the first sign of trouble, and then get out of there quick,” Ranko said.

Cici nodded and stared intently. The enormous skeletal dragon’s skull loomed in the darkness. Entering the cavern would be walking right over its teeth and down its dark neck. The youngest Ajan Warrior straightened her stocking cap, held her lantern at the ready and started towards the mysterious cave.

Shannon O'Keene

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LadyStar Monster Minute

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LadyStar Monster Minute #1: Every Night is Halloween Around Here!

LadyStar Monster Minute #1: Every Night is Halloween Around Here!

Hi hi! It’s me Jessie! Remember when I said me and Talitha were writing everything down so when other people find what we wrote they’ll know about what we learned? Well, this is the story that we all decided to call the Monster Minute, because there’s always a monster in it!

Now most people probably think girls shouldn’t be fighting monsters, but we got magical weapons when we went on our first adventure, so I’m not afraid. Someone’s gotta fight ’em so it’s gotta be us, right? Ranko says it’s like Halloween every night around here, and she wasn’t kidding!

So now we gotta go find all the things that go bump in the night, and then like Alanna says we’re gonna bump ’em back into their spooky haunted caves and make ’em stay there! Have you ever been in a big cave where there’s treasure and magic and traps and stuff? We sure have! If it was Halloween there would be candy too!

Me and Talitha explored a big weird cave once, and it can be really scary if you let it. But we’re not going to let it, are we? We’re the Ajan Warriors! Just wait until I tell you all about the murky moss we found that tried to eat Talitha’s books! Icky! And the skitter spiders that chased us all the way up a stone staircase inside a volcano! I thought having a sword was going to make fighting monsters easier, but how are you supposed to fight millions of skittery jittery little spiders with a big sword?

You can join our adventures by visiting our All-New Monster Minute Page, because Talitha’s gonna post aaaaaaaall our updates there. Bring your pets and your potions and extra light, because it’s better when it isn’t dark, right? See you in a minute!

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