Cecilia Ryan

Cecilia Ryan

Personal Profile
  • Age: 11
  • Birthday: April 2nd
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Auburn
  • Height: 4’8″
  • Best Friend: Autumn Little Cloud
  • Pet: Hikousen
  • Hobbies: Coloring, Collecting, Video Games
  • Favorite Food: Strawberry Soda
  • Favorite Color: Lavender
  • Favorite Place To Visit: Doubler’s Pizza
  • Favorite Music: Electric Piano
  • Favorite School Subject: Recess
  • Least Favorite School Subject: Tests
  • Favorite Flower: Azalea
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Bubblegum
  • Favorite Pizza Topping: Cheese
  • Least Favorite Thing: Being alone
  • Year in School: 6th
  • Band Instrument: Traps
  • Band Rank: Mascot
  • Other Instruments: Thunder Drums
  • Warrior Virtue: Compassion
  • Battle Magic Sources: Minerals, Precious Metals
  • Ajan Ring: Chromatic Tick-Tock
  • Ajan Weapon: The Chronicler’s Lantern

“We can beat the Halloween monsters if we fight together.”

Nicknames and Titles
  • The Pathfinder
  • Ajan Warrior of Stone
  • The Curator
  • Little Bit
Ajan Warrior Battle Statistics
  • Might: 37
  • Brilliance: 68
  • Insight: 86
  • Charm: 75
  • Quickness: 71
  • Will: 62

Cecilia Ryan, or “Cici” for short, is the youngest member of the Ajan Warriors. She was adopted by Jessica into the group after the older girl learned Cici’s parents rarely spend any time with her. The sixth grader is discovered spending her after school hours watching the high school band practices, so Jessica decides to make her an unofficially official band mascot.

Having spent most of her elementary school years as a “latch-key kid,” Cici reaches sixth grade having made few friends. She is as inquisitive as she is bright, and she often seeks out opportunities to show off for the benefit of the older girls. The loneliness she has experienced makes her sensitive to her fear of abandonment, and this sometimes makes her emotional and difficult to comfort.

Of all the older girls, Alanna is Cici’s favorite. She idolizes Ranko and loves to be around Jessica because the two girls have similar personalities, but the oldest member of the group is the one that takes the most interest in being a stand-in for Cici’s absent mother. Alanna’s role isn’t surprising, given Jessica already thinks of her as the group’s big sister. Anyone who spends time around Alanna and Cici will recognize there is far more to their relationship. Alanna’s maturity and responsible personality comes from her experience as a leader in her school and school band. She correctly recognizes Cici is the most vulnerable of the group, since she doesn’t have the strength or the reflexes to reliably defend herself, so Alanna takes it upon herself to protect Cici first. The younger girl and Alanna form a strong bond, since Cici is starved for attention and desperately needs someone to take care of her.

Cici has ostensibly the most powerful of all the Ajan weapons. The Chronicler’s Lantern is by far the most ancient of the Ajan artifacts, and quite possibly the one with the most potential powers.

This prospect delights Cici, since for the first time in her life she has something she is not only good at, but possibly the best at. Her unique battle magic powers provide her with some degree of importance, and she makes sure to remind all the other girls her lantern is “the strongest magic” as often as she can.

Ranko recognizes this is the key to feeding Cici’s confidence, so she makes a point of cheering the youngest warrior on whenever she can. Cici loves to be around Ranko, since the red-haired warrior is fond of horseplay and teasing and constantly pulls Cici’s hat down over her eyes.

The Chronicler’s Lantern is a complex artifact, so Cici’s spells don’t always work out the way the other girls would prefer. Sometimes the Warrior of Stone’s battle magic misfires are far more entertaining than they are effective. Cici, naturally, thinks every spell is a masterpiece.

Powers of the Warrior of Stone

The Warrior of Stone’s powers are all keyed to the Earth, gemstones, minerals and precious metals. On her underground journey to discover how the various colored lenses of the Chronicler’s Lantern work and how they combine to form more powerful effects, Cici finds a series of wise messages left for her on tablets of solid silver. She spends considerable time and effort trying to find whomever is instructing her, and in the process she develops various powers which are amplified by her artifact.

If she is touching the ground, Cici can make use of her innate command of the elements of Earth. She can make herself six to ten times as dense as an average person, raising her effective weight to more than six hundred pounds. She can also perform a living petrification on herself, reducing her movement speed to only one-tenth of normal, but giving her the equivalent of masterwork enchanted steel armor and making her virtually impervious to any non-magical weapon.

It goes without saying Cici cannot be petrified or turned into any other substance. She also cannot be shapeshifted or polymorphed against her will.

Cici always has perfect knowledge of true north and the nearest location of any Earthen surface. As a result, it is impossible for Cici to become lost. She can always find and return to the closest location on solid ground, even if on an ocean or underwater.

The Pathfinder cannot be harmed by any metal, stone or gem. She eventually gains the ability to pass through solid rock at roughly half her regular walking speed. She cannot be restrained by any metal cage or chain. She can detect and identify any mineral at ranges of up to sixty yards, whether above ground or below. When these powers are combined with her living petrification ability, they make Cici more than a little formidable.

It should be noted Cici’s ability to escape from any metal restraint and Talitha’s ability to escape from any living restraint means it is impossible to imprison Talitha and Cici in the same place at the same time through any non-magical means. Although some of Cici’s powers interfere with Talitha’s, the two girls rapidly work out a way to combine their battle magic effectively.

It should also be noted that Talitha and Cici working in concert are for all intents and purposes completely invincible. Between their combined healing, shields, magical forcefields and ability to command living plants, insects and the Earth itself, there are few opponents with the power to defeat them.

At her highest power levels, Cici learns to conjure minerals and combine them to form barriers and shapes. It isn’t until enemies find themselves fleeing under raining torrents of molten rock that they realize they probably shouldn’t have underestimated the Warrior of Stone.

The Chromatic Tick Tock

Cici is the Ajan Warrior with the greatest degree of command over color magic. In Aventar, certain gemstones are the lenses through which individual types of spells can be focused and amplified. They are as follows:

  • Ruby: Fire
  • Opal: Heat
  • Citrine: Light
  • Topaz: Wind
  • Emerald: Life
  • Sapphire: Music
  • Amethyst: Time
  • Diamond: Magic

Each of the Chronicler’s Lantern’s eight lenses is constructed out of a conjured and shaped gemstone and balanced inside the artifact’s frame with sixteen additional lenses made of magically cut diamond. The light from inside the lantern can be focused through up to three layered lenses at once, producing magical effects based on the type of lens and its associated power.

The Tick-Tock is the Chronicler’s Lantern’s ring form. It is made of purified silver and fitted with eight different faceted gemstones at equidistant points around its circumference. The ring is constructed with a mechanism so the stones can be rotated around the outside of the ring. One stone at a time can be snapped into position in the ring’s master setting, which is a filigreed heart-shaped frame at the treasure’s crown.

The Chromatic Tick-Tock can utilize the powers of the stone in its crown to produce various minor magic effects. In order to use the powers of each stone, Cici must rotate the mechanism until the selected stone snaps into position inside the ring’s master setting. The Tick-Tock’s powers are as follows:

  • Ruby: Conjure a single flame of any color
  • Opal: Endure chilling cold
  • Citrine: Create a continuous swirl of multi-colored lights
  • Topaz: Fly a short distance
  • Emerald: Conjure a single piece of sparklefruit or conjure a cloud of radiant butterflies
  • Sapphire: Play a delightful tune
  • Amethyst: Stop time for five seconds
  • Diamond: Transmute the Chromatic Tick-Tock into the Chronicler’s Lantern

The Chronicler’s Lantern

Once Cici transmutes the Tick Tock into lantern form, she gains the use of all its powers. One of the most powerful spells she can use is by focusing light through all eight lenses at once to produce the legendary Spectrum Deflect, which is a combination anti-magic and defensive shell that cannot be penetrated by any physical or magical force. On her journey to discover her powers, Cici learns to shape the Spectrum Deflect into many different forms, including walls, half-spheres and even a glimmering sword that spins this way and that to parry and turn aside monsters and their weapons.

Cici can summon a Spectrum Deflect anywhere within roughly 100 feet, which means she can use her powers to protect others as well as herself. Only the spectrums she conjures around herself can move, however, and she can only create one Spectrum Deflect at a time.

Among the other powers Cici can draw from the Chronicler’s Lantern are:

Fireball (Ruby Lens)

By focusing a single flash of bright light through the ruby lens, Cici can shoot a fireball at any target within 100 feet.

Inscribe Metal (Opal Lens)

Using the heat powers of the Opal Lens, Cici can focus white hot beams of energy to write messages into solid metal.

Dazzle (Citrine Lens)

With the Citrine Lens, Cici can create an explosive cascade of bright flashing lights which will confuse all around her for a few seconds.

Blustery (Topaz Lens)

By using the power of the Topaz Lens, Cici can summon a sudden windstorm that will prevent anyone nearby from walking or running for several seconds.

Sparkle Heal (Emerald Lens)

Cici can heal simple wounds from a short distance away with the Emerald Lens. Her healing power is roughly half that of Jessica’s and about one-fourth as strong as Talitha’s. Cici’s heals, however, have no casting time.

Sound the Call (Sapphire Lens)

With the powers of the Sapphire Lens, Cici can create the sound of clear silvery horns playing an inspiring call. Sound the Call can be heard more than a mile away.

Fire Storm (Ruby and Topaz Lenses Combined)

By focusing light through both the Ruby and Topaz lenses at the same time, Cici can combine wind and fire to produce a firestorm.

Brightfire (Ruby and Citrine Lenses Combined)

One of Cici’s most powerful spells is “brightfire”, which creates persistent magical flames around any object, making it impossible to obscure by darkness or concealment.

Critter Craze (Emerald and Sapphire Lenses)

Cici has only successfully cast Critter Craze once, and when she did, she was trying to create a gentle rainstorm. This spell causes four to six tiny rabbit-like creatures to come running out of the lantern and chase each other around and around. After several seconds, they run back inside the lantern and vanish. Nobody is quite sure what this spell is useful for, but the Warrior of Stone is determined to figure it out.

Sugar Bug/Sparkle Wings (Emerald and Amethyst Lenses)

By combining the power of the Emerald and Sapphire Lenses, Cici can turn herself into a sparkling multicolored ladybug (sugar bug) which can subsequently turn itself into a swirly pastel colored butterfly (sparkle wings). She can remain in either form for several minutes, during which time the Chronicler’s Lantern travels with her as either her sugar bug shell or the rainbow-colored eyes of her sparkle wing form. This does give Cici the unique ability among Ajan Warriors to fly, but she can’t travel very far.