Jessica Hoshi and the Ajan Warriors

A Magical and Mysterious Journey!

LadyStar is the story of seven girls who wear magical jewelry. Each of their priceless enchanted treasures can also become a powerful magical weapon! W. Scott's critically-acclaimed middle-grade/YA novel and comic series has just published it's 21st title, and is now available on all popular mobile platforms including Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPad, Android, PC and Mac.

The LadyStar series chronicles the adventures of Jessica Hoshi, a cheerful, optimistic 14-year-old girl, and her friends Talitha, Ranko, Shannon, Alanna, Cici and Leila as they explore the enchanted realm of Aventar with their newfound powers as the mighty and legendary Ajan Warriors! LadyStar is a story of friendship, thrilling adventure, romance, evil villains and mysterious worlds filled with strange and magical creatures! It's the story of the Greatest Fighting Team of Teenage Girls Ever Assembled!

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