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Jessica Halloran and the Ajan Warriors
LadyStar With This Ring

LadyStar is the story of sixteen-year-old Jessica Halloran. She dreams of a beautiful garden where dawn breaks over blossoming trees. There she encounters a ghostly boy who tells her his land and people are in danger. He begs her for help and places a golden ring with a shining red heartstone on her finger.

When Jessica wakes up, she thinks it was all a nightmare until she realizes she is still wearing the ring.

LadyStar is a story of courage, thrilling adventure, sweet romance, evil villains and mysterious worlds filled with strange and magical creatures! It's the story of the Greatest Fighting Team of Teenage Girls Ever Assembled!

NOTE:  LadyStar is undergoing a re-boot. The characters are being rewritten and the stories are being updated. The book series is now for YA audiences, has a bit more action and tougher challenges for Jessica and her warriors. Please be patient as the web site changes.

"Not only is the art exceptional, but the storyline has captivated my attention as well." -- RG

"I can't wait to find out what happens next!" -- Katelyn

"Chock full of adventure, vivid imagery and fantastic characters." -- Missy's Reads and Reviews

"awsome pawsome." -- Kaira

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