Introducing Dawnsong, a middle grade fantasy adventure by W. Scott

Introducing Dawnsong, a middle grade fantasy adventure by W. Scott

Jessica Halloran

Our first big adventure is here, and you won’t believe all the neat stuff we get to see! First, you have to go to the Palace in the Sky Bookstore, where you can find the super-cool big print version of our story!

But that’s not the biggest surprise! Me and all my friends are going to get to show you five whole chapters of Dawnsong! Isn’t that going to be the best? We’re going to have so much fun together!

Okay, before we get to start showing chapters, you gotta be sure to check back on our site, because there’s lots going on. I’m going to get Talitha to help me make a special page for our preview chapters and then I’m going to get Cici, Alanna and Shannon to help us talk about the story and what to expect!

LadyStar is what we call our story series, and Dawnsong is the first book. It’s the story of how I found my ring and my sword and how we had to solve this super-big mystery about beacons and monsters and treasures! I also met this super-cute boy named Enken!

I also found two pets. One is a Sha-Ri I named Teko and the other is a pretty white charger I named Chocolate! He got to be on the book’s cover with me!

Also be sure to look up at the top of our site ’cause there’s a link to me and Teko’s Twitter page, because we’re Team Update!

Dawnsong is for middle-grade readers in fourth grade and up, but everyone can have fun reading our stories!

If you want to know about all that’s going on, don’t forget to get your mom and dad to join our mailing list. Don’t miss out, because soon we’re going to have a big giveaway and everyone on our list will get a big prize! See you soon!

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