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Be a LadyStar Game Playtester!

Be a LadyStar Game Playtester!

Hi! I’m Cici! I’m a magical warrior just like Jessie! Do you like to play games? Did you know LadyStar started as a game at first? Well we did! And now we want you to join us to help playtest and review our newest games called the Battlefire Challenge™ and the Battlefire Adventures™!

We’ve had this web site for a long time, but we also have a Bookstore and a mailing list for all our best readers!

Do you wanna playtest our games? You get ’em free if you do! You should join our mailing list! Members get first choice for playtesting and get free copies of the games when they are ready!

If you sign up for our mailing list, you also get an instant free book called No Savage Under This Moon! It’s a story about when we fought were-monsters!

Come join us! It’s gonna be lots of fun!

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