We Got Invited!

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Guess what? We got invited to be in the Lexicon Hollow super-feed with lots of other sites! Let’s see, there’s one about spaceships, and one about our bookstore… oh! And there’s going to be one all about games and how to make them too!

Team Update even got invited! Ranko said we should say hi to everybody, so a special super ‘hi hi!’ to all the other sites in the super-feed! Let’s have a big party!”

Talitha says you can even subscribe to the Lexicon Hollow super-feed! See ya soon!”

Get No Savage Under This Moon Free!

Hello. I’m Shannon O’Keene. Just wanted to duck in for a second to announce our book No Savage Under This Moon is our free gift to anyone who signs up for The Lexicon Hollow mailing list.

No Savage Under This Moon is the story of our battle against the Bloodlune contagion, and how we almost lost our friend Jessie to the curse of lycanthropy.

It won’t be long before Dawnsong is published, and you’ll want to be ready! Mailing list members get all kinds of benefits including a free preview and a special price on release day!

Visit our Character Pages!

“What’s up, LadyStar fans! Ranko Whelan here. If you want to see our character pages, and who doesn’t? just click on any of us on our site or tap in any of our books. The Professor’s got it all set up so everything is all linked together. Visit my page when it’s ready, because you know which one is the coolest. Right?”

“Don’t miss Goofy and her Twitter page either, because we remember when she and flower-bird had like 40 followers.”

“Remember, there’s a reason my name ends with K.O. and it ain’t because I’m devastatingly beautiful either, even though I am. This is the one and only LadyStar Internet headquarters and we are OUT!”

Welcome to LadyStar!

Jessica Halloran

“Hi!  My name is Jessica Halloran, but you can call me Jessie!  This is our site and it’s all about our adventures as magical warriors!”

“If you want to know all about me and my super-neat battle magic, powers, pets and everything, visit my all-new character page!

Visit again soon, because I’ve got six friends and they all have magic powers! We fight monsters and discover treasure together! My friend Talitha is going to put lots of updates on our page and on our Twitter page too!