Shannon O’Keene

Shannon O’Keene

Personal Profile
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: November 30th
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Height: 5’11″″
  • Best Friend: Daphne Benning
  • Pets: Kishi, Banshi
  • Hobbies: Archery, Swimming, Drawing
  • Favorite Food: Vegetable Pasta
  • Favorite Color: Dark Blue
  • Favorite Place To Visit: Sugar Maple Park
  • Favorite Music: Rachmaninoff
  • Favorite School Subject: Music Theory
  • Least Favorite School Subject: Math
  • Favorite Flower: White Rose
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Chip
  • Favorite Pizza Topping: Italian Sausage
  • Least Favorite Thing: Confusion
  • Year in School: Junior
  • Band Instrument: Trumpet
  • Band Rank: Squad Leader
  • Other Instruments: Flugelhorn
  • Warrior Virtue: Courage
  • Battle Magic Sources: Moonlight, Animal Life
  • Ajan Ring: Nocturne
  • Ajan Weapon: Blackwhisper

“Evil will perish having never seen its enemy.”

Nicknames and Titles
  • The Huntress
  • Ajan Warrior of the Night
  • Dark Angel
  • Sister of the Pack
  • Deathkiller
Ajan Warrior Battle Statistics
  • Might: 70
  • Brilliance: 70
  • Insight: 75
  • Charm: 60
  • Quickness: 90
  • Will: 78

If asked, most of the Ajan Warriors would agree Shannon’s powers make them a little uncomfortable. They consider the Huntress their friend and ally, and none would ever suspect Shannon would betray them, but they also know their tall friend always seems to keep the group at arm’s length, especially in times of danger.

Shannon O’Keene is an imposing presence, standing just shy of six feet. She has always been much taller than her classmates and friends, and her height makes her self-conscious. Since “that summer” when she grew nearly a foot and then added another six inches by Christmas, Shannon developed a habit of stooping to fit in. It isn’t until she discovers her height uniquely suits her to carry Blackwhisper that she starts to consider the possibility being a “big giant tree” isn’t so bad after all.

The Huntress is the team’s perfectionist. Shannon likes things to be just so, and she is a big champion of routine and sticking with what works. Like Ranko, Shannon sometimes tries to do it all herself, occasionally to a fault. Her insistence on things being “just right” often puts her at odds with Jessica, whose random personality and impulsive flights of fancy have been known on more than a few occasions to drive Shannon straight up a wall. Jessica has a deep respect for Shannon, bordering on reverence. The younger girl listens intently to what her friend has to say, and often takes the older girl’s advice, even though sometimes Jessica thinks Shannon can be a just a little grouchy.

Powers, Attacks, Defenses and Battle Magic

The other Ajan Warriors aren’t exactly sure where Shannon gets her powers. By the time the Huntress reaches her full capabilities, a few of the girls no longer want to know. Jessica is fairly certain it has something to do with moonlight. Talitha thinks Shannon gets at least some of her powers from the spirits of wildlife. Ranko avoids the subject entirely not long after she learns Shannon can hear the heartbeats and bloodstreams of living creatures from considerable distances.

Nocturne’s true power source has yet to be discovered, but the characteristics of the obsidian artifact lead Shannon to believe there is some kind of strong connection between the night, moonlight and her battle magic. She develops a relentless obsession with lycanthropy soon after becoming proficient with her bow. When she later becomes so enraged during a battle that other Ajan Warriors have to use their own defenses to avoid her frenzy, Shannon makes a promise to herself and her friends to learn to control her powers for their safety and her own.

Shannon’s primary abilities are her enhanced senses and reflexes. Her eyesight is unmatched by any of the other warriors. Her senses of scent and taste give her the ability to detect the presence of other creatures at considerable range. She can hear a mouse chewing its food from across the room. With her fingertips on the ground, she can sense motion at similar ranges. She is half-again as fast and twice as agile with Nocturne as without. The Huntress can swim and climb at unsettling speeds and has formidable skill in camouflage. Over time, Shannon develops the power to fashion and wear warpaint and talismans that enhance her battle abilities even further.

The Dark Angel has high resistances to toxins, especially those secreted by animals. She is immune to natural herbs with magical properties like wolfsbane and hemlock and highly resistant to unnatural scourges like bloodlune.

If moonlight is touching her, Shannon can become completely invisible, and make her clothing and possessions invisible as well. She can track any living creature that touches the ground while traveling. She speaks and understands numerous feral languages, including those of nocturnal creatures and those of various wolf factions. If confronted, the Huntress can inspire overwhelming fear in all but the most fearsome predators.


Of all the rings discovered by Jessica and her friends during their adventures in Aventar, Nocturne is the strangest. Soon after discovering the artifact, the warriors conclude it has a mind of its own, because it never stays put. It is the only one of the rings that seems able to travel on its own. Shannon can always find it, of course, but the others realize keeping up with the night-black treasure is something they weren’t meant to accomplish.

If placed by itself, Nocturne will eventually vanish, only to re-appear elsewhere for no discernable reason. It will continue to relocate itself from place to place until it finds a way home. No magic and no skill can be used to find the black ring once it has disappeared. Only Shannon seems to be able to find it again, and even then, it usually turns up in a place where she was likely to be anyway.

This characteristic holds true especially if another person attempts to steal or wear the ring. Sooner or later, it will turn up missing, only to wind up back on the hand of its keeper. Nocturne is similar to Dawnsong in this respect, except that Jessica’s ring cannot be separated from her at all, as it will instantly return to the Minstrel’s hand if removed.

One omen that is likely to dissuade any ambitious thief with designs on Nocturne is the fact the ring attracts the attention of wolves if it is not in Shannon’s possession. Howls follow the ring from place to place until it reaches its destination. It is believed anyone other than the Huntress who attempts to wield its powers will soon find themselves confronted by angry members of the pack.

The stone fitted to the black ring is an enormous half-domed sapphire polished to a perfectly smooth surface. The stone always shines in exactly the same fashion as the moon itself, and follows the phases of the moon as well. When the moon is new, the stone gives off no light. When the moon is full, it glows brightly and causes the tiny sapphires around both edges of the ring to sparkle.

Nocturne is the only warrior ring that confers all its powers on its wearer in both its forms. It is not yet known if the artifact has a third form like Greenflower.


Like Jessica’s celestium skyblade, Blackwhisper is likely the last of its kind. It is known to the Devao as a “Deathkiller” weapon, a mystifying object that inspires unease in all but its keeper. Standing exactly 84 inches end to end, the Huntress’ towering longbow is made of enchanted obsidian and strung with a masterwork nightsilk thread woven so tightly it is nearly as formidable as the edge of Jessica’s sword.

The first thing most people notice about Shannon’s savage bow is the fact neither it nor its arrows make the slightest sound.

Meanwhile, it isn’t long before Shannon discovers where her weapon gets its name. When enemies are near, the Huntress alone can hear whispers in an unknown language coming from her obsidian artifact. Once danger has passed, the voices fade, only to return again when Shannon faces her next foe. No other can hear Blackwhisper’s mysterious voices.

The Huntress’ longbow fires 36-inch long and one-quarter-inch-wide shafts of perfectly balanced obsidian fashioned around a core of pure ducimite and tipped with magically hardened silver sharpened to a razor’s edge. Each arrowhead is fashioned as a different feral glyph shaped as an arrowhead. These glyphs bestow each of the arrows in Shannon’s quiver with a different enchantment. One can burn undead creatures to ash with a single shot. Another causes creatures to fall into a deep magical sleep. Still another bursts into streaking magical flames of various colors in flight. All of Shannon’s arrows are equally deadly to any creature harmed by silver like vampires or lycanthropes.

The weapon’s draw weight has never been properly measured, but experienced fletchers speculate Blackwhisper can fire at the equivalent of 135 pounds, even though its pull is as light as a feather for its keeper. It is rumored to have once punched a six-inch hole in a castle gate with a single shot. No other being can wield the Huntress’ Bow.

Shannon eventually develops lethal accuracy at ranges of up to 200 yards. Talitha estimates her arrows can fly at speeds of up to 400 feet per second. The Huntress has been known to draw, nock, fire and hit a moving target the size of a pineapple more than 100 yards away in less than two seconds.

Shannon is the only Ajan Warrior other than the Warrior of Twilight to carry multiple weapons. Included in Shannon’s arsenal is a nine-inch silvered hunting knife, an over-under steel-reinforced crossbow and a salted twine throwing snare. None of Shannon’s other weapons are magical, although her knife’s silver blade has the same effect on undead as her arrows.