Jessica Halloran

Jessica Halloran

Personal Profile

  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: July 7th
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Strawberry Blond
  • Height: 5’3″
  • Best Friend: Talitha Casey
  • Pets: Teko and Chocolate
  • Hobbies: Music, Fishing
  • Favorite Food: French Fries
  • Favorite Color: Yellow
  • Favorite Place To Visit: Checker’s Fabric Store
  • Favorite Music: Jazz
  • Favorite School Subject: History
  • Least Favorite School Subject: English
  • Favorite Flower: Sunflower
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Rainbow Sherbet
  • Favorite Pizza Topping: Pineapple
  • Least Favorite Thing: Big yucky icky buzzing buggies
  • Year in School: Sophomore
  • Band Instrument: Saxophone
  • Band Rank: Musicianship Leader
  • Other Instruments: Flute, WX-5 Wind Synthesizer
  • Warrior Virtue: Justice
  • Battle Magic Sources: Sunlight, Fire
  • Ajan Ring: Dawnsong
  • Ajan Weapon: Aria

Quote: “I think we should try to help people as much as we can.”

Nicknames and Titles

  • ‘Sica
  • Ajan Warrior of the Sunrise
  • The Girl with the Sword
  • Protector of the Innocent
  • Jessings
  • See-kah Smash
  • Defender of the Beautiful Sky
  • The Goofball Express
  • Baddest Blonde in the Castle
  • The Minstrel

Hair the color of a new morning. Eyes the color of Highland emeralds. Freckles that dance with her smile. A sword that burns with the flames of courage and the pure heart and fierce soul of her fathers and the Irish Kings of Old.

There can be no doubt Jessica Halloran is a classic Irish lass. With hair afire and her eyes sparkling with optimism and determination, she makes friends effortlessly and brings boundless energy and joy to every new adventure. Although she would never call herself a natural leader, and while she certainly is not physically imposing by any stretch at scarcely five feet and change, Jessica can draw from a seemingly bottomless well of strength when necessary. She rarely despairs and never ever gives up.

If asked to describe her in a single sentence, her friends would all agree “human ray of sunshine” is the perfect answer.

Jessica is the leader of the Ajan Warriors, and while she may not enjoy the firepower of some of her many adventuring companions, she has one irreplaceable skill, and that is her ability to bless and energize the other fighters.

Ajan Warrior Battle Statistics
  • Might: 62
  • Brilliance: 78
  • Insight: 74
  • Charm: 95
  • Quickness: 57
  • Will: 81

Powers, Attacks, Defenses and Battle Magic

Jessica’s powers depend heavily on her honor and courage. Her weapon Aria grows more powerful in response to acts of valor, kindness and virtue. For this reason, the Warrior of the Sunrise may never lie or practice deception or treachery. She must give quarter to defeated enemies and honor her word. Jessica will always obey the law and lawful authority and must practice charity and generosity at all times.

Fortunately for the Ajan Warriors, these are qualities Jessica already has, which is one major reason Aria and Dawnsong (her ring) are so formidable in her hands.

Jessica’s primary powers are her blessings. She can purify water with a touch, create a soothing golden light of nearly any intensity at will and occasionally heal herself and others of minor injuries. She has the ability to inspire others and strengthen both their physical characteristics and battle magic with auras. The Warrior of the Sunrise can place an aura on herself that affects everyone within a certain distance or she can place auras on others that will increase their abilities for a time.

Anywhere Jessica is present, the vicinity becomes blessed for a short interval. A blessed place repels undead, improves healing powers, neutralizes disease and creates a general feeling of contentedness, raising the spirits of anyone remaining in the area.

Jessica is positively lethal to undead creatures, mindless or intelligent. She is completely immune to disease, magical or otherwise. She is also immune to any mind-altering effect. She cannot be hypnotized, charmed, possessed, repelled, soul-trapped, paralyzed, made susceptible to any psychic communication, turned or affected by magical fear.

In addition to having an unsettling effect on evil creatures, Jessica can innately sense evil within a short distance. Although she can’t automatically tell if someone is lying, if they have evil intent, Jessica will detect it on a subconscious level. Of all the Ajan Warriors, Jessica has the sharpest intuition. The counter-balance to this power is that Jessica projects an intense aura of goodness which cannot be hidden or concealed. Any creature capable of detecting “good” in the same manner Jessica detects evil will be able to sense Jessica’s presence and often be able to track her from place to place.

Her powers dovetail with those of her friend Talitha Casey, a prospect which delights Jessica. Talitha has the ability to both locate and conjure water, while Jessica can purify it. Both girls have healing powers. Jessica’s healing abilities are much quicker than her friend’s but Talitha’s are more powerful. Talitha’s weapon is an indestructible shield, while Jessica’s is an equally invulnerable sword. Together, the two girls form a balanced team that is virtually invincible if they aren’t greatly outnumbered.


The Sunrise Warrior’s weapon is a Skyblade constructed from pure celestium, a conjured metal capable of containing powerful enchantments. Aria’s blade never dulls and cannot be damaged or broken by any known force. Aside from Jessica, no other person can wield Aria although the sword will occasionally permit itself to be carried by Talitha. The nature of celestium makes it possible for Jessica to deflect certain kinds of magic with the weapon’s blade. Aria cannot be obscured by darkness, magical or otherwise.

When she brings the full measure of her powers to bear, Jessica can cause Aria’s blade to burst into intense magical flames.


Jessica is the only Ajan Warrior whose mount was discovered instead of acquired. Chocolate is a two-year old white charger. He is bound to Jessica both empathically and magically.

Jessica and Chocolate can share simple concepts and emotions between themselves without speaking or gesturing. While not true telepathy, their communication is sophisticated enough to increase their effectiveness as a team in battle. Jessica can use words or her mind to command Chocolate to perform simple actions, and her horse can act independently to a point. He has been known on numerous occasions to rescue others even without Jessica’s involvement.

The Sunrise Warrior can use her blessing and aura powers to both heal and strengthen her horse. Chocolate has unusual resistances to all forms of magic and enjoys the permanent effect of all of Jessica’s magical defenses, including immunity to fear and disease and the ability to sense evil, even if Jessica is not present. Although he has many characteristics of a magical creature, Chocolate is a corporeal animal. Both Jessica and Chocolate can sense each other’s presence and location. No matter how far apart they are separated, one will always find the other.

Jessica is the only Ajan Warrior who can use the full range of her battle magic and attack powers while mounted in combat.


The first Aventar native Jessica meets is Enken, a young man who believes quite deeply the powers of Dawnsong are needed to defeat the evil that threatens his home and the people of his Kingdom. He is well aware, however, that he may not be able to live up to the weapon’s legendary demands.

Enken serves as Chamberlain for the Vicereine of the King’s Province of Kulnas and therefore has some clout when dealing with the people of other kingdoms in Aventar. He is skilled with the sword and has considerable knowledge of noble affairs due to his relationship with the Thesian First House and its mysterious occupant.

Jessica and Enken rapidly become quite taken with each other, but that doesn’t prevent them from having lively disagreements over how to handle their unique situations.

Enken puts considerable effort into training Jessica in her use of sword and armor while Jessica teaches him a thing or two about life with a fiery Irish lass. Over time, they fall deeply in love and must grow used to the idea of the princess occasionally rescuing her knight in shining armor.


Jessica’s pet is a Sha-Ri, a fabled species of raptor native to the Kingdom of Varcarel. Teko’s original form is that of a large strong white bird resembling a barn owl with unusual sleek plumage about his head and neck.

Not long after Jessica rescues him during a dispute with a local shopkeeper, it is discovered that Teko’s powers include the ability to shapeshift with Aventar’s seasons. During the Spring, he takes on the form of a golden songbird. This makes him less muscular but far faster and more maneuverable. His Summer and Autumn forms have not yet been discovered, and it is unclear how fast seasons change in Aventar.

Teko has the power to summon magical flowers in his beak. Each flower has a different power and color. He is very inquisitive and curious, and is particularly fascinated by anything mechanical. Jessica and Talitha both suspect Teko can understand human language. Teko and Chocolate are both quite fond of apples, which sometimes causes minor disputes which Jessica is required to moderate.

Battle Strategy

The Ajan Warriors can be broadly divided into two groups. The most powerful offensive abilities are shared by Shannon, Ranko and Alanna, while the more defensive abilities are those belonging to Talitha and Cici.

Jessica is the team’s generalist. Although she doesn’t have the kind of sustained attack power of the offensive group, Jessica has the team’s most powerful single battle magic attack. She is also indispensable to the other warriors because of her wide variety of blessings and the quickness of her healing powers. She is quite useful in any fight against undead.

Fighting as a group, the team relies first on Shannon’s range, Alanna’s speed and Ranko’s power. Jessica stays one step behind the firepower, where Talitha and Cici can protect her, and keeps the offensive-minded warriors going with her protective abilities and blessings. She uses her ultimate attack to finish off opponents once they have been weakened by the others.

Jessica Halloran first appears in the book Dawnsong, where she teams up with her friends to explore a mysterious world revealed by a magical ring she is given in a strange dream. Jessica also stars in the LadyStar Monster Minute and has her own advice for adventurers called Jessie’s Questy Rules.

Jessica’s original adventures were first published in 2000 as part of an episodic video game series called LadyStar: Reflections in a Dream. Since then, she has appeared in more media than any other Palace in the Sky character, including manga, animation, a television series, browser-based games, Flash games, mobile games, webcomics, e-books, e-book comics, Twitter, audiobooks, radio plays, officially licensed merchandise, posters, blogs, and print novels. She has also made cameo appearances in Lily Carwyn’s First Kiss Romances series and W. Scott’s Zombie Salvage and Fat Guys on Tricycles With Bazookas books.